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Although we were initially confirmed the return of our beachfront venue for July 6th 2024 during our post-event debrief with the Town’s Special Events Coordinator the week after WJF23 (and subsequently reconfirmed in writing), in December we were informed of the Town’s Special Events Senior Leadership Team’s decision/intention to hold the Town's 50th Anniversary celebration on our same date (Saturday July 6th), and that it was not possible to explore alternative dates at the Beachfront.

Dear Canada Jeep Fest Community,

It is with heavy hearts we announce the CANCELLATION

of Wasaga Jeep Fest 2024 (WJF24).  

In turn, the Special Events team did offer to move our venue to Klondike Sports Park.  This location did not meet our mission/vision to deliver yet another milestone event, nor did it support local businesses (being more than a 15 minute drive from the Beachfront).  While desperately seeking alternative options for a closer 'beachfront' location, we held on with some hope when Stonebridge Developments offered their location as an alternative option, which seemed to put us back on path for another epic venue (including additional event features). 


Even investing our maximum efforts, including securing the Stonebridge location, we faced persistent hurdles from Town representatives, impeding our progress at every turn. Despite our team's tireless efforts to overcome these challenges, they ultimately proved insurmountable, preventing us from hosting another successful event for our loyal followers/community with the Town of Wasaga Beach.  We are sincerely sorry to convey this disappointing news, rest assured all to-date ticket purchasers/holders will receive refunds (processed within the next 10 days). 
We wholeheartedly express our deepest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Although Wasaga Jeep Fest 2024 (WJF24) has been cancelled, our dedication to delivering outstanding events remains unwavering, and we will keep you updated on future venues. Our primary goal is to continue hosting gatherings for the Jeep community and enthusiasts, providing enjoyable social experiences for all in support of the local community, businesses and charities.

We appreciate your understanding and support during this challenging time. Canada Jeep Fest would not be possible without your enthusiasm and love of Jeeps. Thank you for your continued understanding and support. 

Best wishes to the Town of Wasaga Beach for a successful 50th Anniversary celebration
on Saturday July 27th, 2024!

The Management Team at Canada Jeep Fest

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